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Learn basics to leverage campaign periods

May 8, 2022
5 min

​​There's a question on every marketer's mind as that time of the year approaches. What will we do this time? 

We seem to hear you asking what time you are talking about. Of course, we are talking about campaign times. Maybe father's day, maybe cyber Monday, depending on your business area. We have prepared a study on how to best use these campaign periods, which are inevitable for you but require more effort than usual. In this work, in which we proceed step by step, we will hear voices from both sides. 

First, we will examine the internal requirements, then we will look at these campaign periods from the customer's point of view. So let's get started without wasting time, because we know there's always someone who wants things done right away.

So let's start from the internal…

First thing first, goals!

What is your goal in the upcoming campaign period? Do you want to finish the stocks, you have produced a suitable product for the campaign period and you want to promote it, this is entirely up to you and your business.

Let's move on after you set the most appropriate target for your business.

We've accomplished our goal, now it's your future customers.

Who will they be, will you target singles on Valentine's Day or those with partners or mothers who want to pamper themselves on Mother's Day?

You should make this decision according to the product range of your business. Targeting everyone can wreak havoc on your budget. Remember, this will not be your only campaign.

We have determined our target audience, it's time for the quality of your ads.

Of course, the best way to determine this is through A/B testing. However, remember that the A/B testing process is long, so you should start the campaign period at least 1 month before so that your tests will yield the desired results.

Choosing wording according to your target audience is another important point.

Before we forget, don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you're wondering what basket it is, let's tell you right away. We are talking about platforms. Do not reach your customers from a single platform, do not invest your entire budget in a single platform. Use different social media channels and don't forget your target audience in your platform choices. To be more efficient, in those days, you can create custom labels like gift ideas, discounted products, and best sellers. Also, it is useful to prepare an affinity analysis to have great recommendations for your products. Yes, we know, arranging all the platforms on those busy days is hard but have you ever checked our product CRwizard? The solutions you need will be in there. 

Customer point of view

For now, let's take a break from the internal and look at it from the customer's point of view.

When will my shipment arrive?

There will always be those who buy their gift or the product they want late or those who are not sure that the product they bought will arrive on time. At this point, you need to establish the best strategy with your shipping team. No matter how good your marketing plans are, shipments that do not arrive on time will greatly affect your future campaigns. Therefore, our recommendation is that you inform your customers about the shipment in the best way possible. You can even offer same-day delivery options if you want to win the hearts of your loyal customers.

What should I buy? 

The best way to take advantage of your customers' indecision is to recommend products. You can use this in your favor after analyzing the products with high affinity in your business. You can recommend high affinity products as ‘favorites of the day’ or ‘best-selling products together’

Aww 🥺, it is for me!

Who doesn't love customized products? It can be nice to offer this opportunity to your customers during the campaign periods, you can offer various gift packages as well as the classics such as printing names, dates, etc. on the products. Of course, adding "you deserve it" notes to your customers who bought gifts for themselves is also helpful.

Customer loyalty priceless

If you want to have loyal customers and continue to win the hearts of your already loyal customers during this campaign period, we have two more suggestions. First of all, sending gifts to your customers with the purchase, these gifts can be material gifts, or these gifts can be advantages like discount coupons, and free shipping that they can use in their next shopping to increase loyalty. Our other suggestion is to show that you remember loyal customers. You can introduce your special campaign products to them early, and you can create special discounts.

Do you remember me?

Brrring - brrring - brrring 🔔

Do you hear the alarm sound? 

We sound this alarm so that you remember the abandoned baskets.

Think about your own journey, how many products you put in your basket and forget while choosing a gift or reviewing the products. They're definitely crying behind your back.

It's time to reach your customers who have abandoned their carts! Remind them in your ads or in your emails, but somehow remind your customers that there is still a product in their cart. In this way, you will reach your customers who forget the transaction, think they have completed it, or are undecided, and boom! Your sales started to rise.

Let’s turn back to internal.

Back to the internal

You may think that we did everything, we arranged the campaigns, we talked to the shipping team, and we won the hearts of our customers, but there are a couple of things you didn't do.

Of course, analysis

In order to be prepared for future campaigns, you need to analyze what is going on and how.

Did you reach your goal, was the target audience correct, were your campaigns effective, which social media platform provided the best conversion, was the budget managed correctly, and were the discounts sufficient? You should seek answers to these and similar questions with your team.

Once you have the answers, you need to prepare your own Best Practice Document.

Make your analysis as a presentation or a file, but save it somehow. As you do this in each campaign period, upcoming campaigns will be as easy as apple pie for you.

You are ready for every campaign period! 

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