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What is product feed management ? Learn the basics

May 8, 2022
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What is product feed ?
A product feed that you may have come across as a data feed is a list that contains products and attributes of those products.

These attributes are mainly product information such as product image, product identifier, size and color which forms products in a unique way. These feeds can be found in different formats like XML, CSV, TSV and JSON. Feeds are mostly used for different digital channels like Google Shopping, eBay, Facebook and Criteo.

Distributing your products to digital channels

Selling products in different channels as well as webshop requires updated and well-organized information about products that are suitable for every channels’ special format. Exporting a product file from webshop, when a product information changes, to channels where products are sold is impossible without any mistakes. In this case using a product feed management tool makes the process easier. Feed may come with a URL, or product information may send to the channels directly with their APIs. Channels that products are presented shows products in the most suitable way by analyzing feeds.

Creating product listing campaigns

Having better campaigns, being on budget and increasing data accuracy is possible with perfectly updated and optimized data feed. Channels use data feeds to recognize your product properly. The missing information disables campaigns to be shown to an accurate target group and causes a decrease in efficiency of ads and number of products that are shown. In overall perspective, non-updated and un-optimized data feed will be the reason for wasting budget unnecessarily and having poor results of the campaigns. Therefore, it is important for campaigns that data feed is perfectly optimized and updated.

Managing the product feed

Managing product feed for channels can be done in different ways such as manually by the IT team, hiring someone or with management tools. As feeds are needed to be updated consistently, the pressure on the IT team will increase by time and the optimizing process does not finish on time all the time. Hiring someone specialized in this updating and optimization process might cost more than expected in the long run. Employees in the IT team and who work in the data management area need to be expertises in feed management. It is a difficult process to complete manually and people who work in this area should be able to convert their digital marketing know-how to coding skills. Using a tool will be the best choice among these options. This tool should cover the needs of updating and optimizing the feed for various channels. At this point, CRwizard is the tool that will meet the needs for perfect feed.

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