How D’S damat increased CTR by %50

How D’S damat increased CTR by %50

About D’S damat  & Damat | Tween

After the DAMAT brand, which creates a modern style with its quality fabrics and stylish designs and is registered as "the consumer's favorite men's clothing brand", Orka Holding has brought TWEEN, which is appreciated with its original designs, to the men's clothing industry. Orka Holding's third brand, D'S DAMAT, is pointed out as one of the leading players in the men's ready-to-wear market, with its collection concept suitable for every size and every budget, and its extensive store network. Orka Holding continues to be a pioneer in the Turkish fashion industry at more than 200 stores in Turkey and around the world, with its brands that have made a name for themselves with the innovations they brought to men's fashion.

The Challenge 

As a pioneer men's clothing brand, products are purchased so quickly that stocks have been changing constantly and this results in showing products with less size options in ads. That’s why the advertisement budget has not been spent effectively. 

In fact, the brand wants to launch new channels and personalize ads but it takes a lot of time and resources. D’S damat and Damat Tween drew on CRwizard’s expertise to launch quickly on new channels and adapt tailor-made advertising. 

The Action

As a pioneer brand, D’S Damat and Damat Tween are using different marketing platforms that have different requirements. In order to enable these requirements, and optimize their campaigns, rules have been applied by CRwizard. They use numerous automation rules to optimize the distribution of products on various channels. The rules are used to improve the feed by making corrections where necessary, or to exclude and segment the products and improve profitability. 

Through CRwizard, the brands can manage inventory according to available size option percentages left in stock. This value is critical for fashion brands, especially for products such as shoes where multiple sizes need to be considered. On Crwizard, we apply rules considering the size options in data and brands only distribute products with sufficient stock, which has an extremely positive impact on product performance. 

Also, a product evaluation was carried out, and products which are showing a certain efficiency according to this evaluation were labeled as top products. This evaluation is mainly based on Google Analytics data. 


  • Custom labels are created and used on Google Shopping to segment their collection according to category or price. 
  • For Damat Tween, the description area has been arranged specifically for Google. 


  • To allocate the right budget, only highly efficient products are presented in the feed like top products and latest models which are determined by Google Analytics data integration made by crwizard. 
  • The products that have seasonal features have been filtered according to the current season. 


  • For Criteo, it is important to create the right audience so that to make it happen, less preferred products are filtered and best selling products are highlighted.
  • To be pre-ready for the campaign days like fathers’ day, products have been tagged to easily create specific campaigns. 


  • D’s damat and Damat Tween expanded to white-space channels easily thanks to CRwizard. TikTok is one of these channels. 

The Result 

CRwizard enables D’S damat and Damat Tween to manage the distribution of a large number of products on many channels such as shopping, retargeting and product ads platforms. Through CRwizard, they know if a product has “insufficient stock”, not only if they are in stock or not. This information was not stored in the feed. Crwizard calculated the availability percentage using the size information of the products and added them into the catalog. D’S damat and Damat Tween only distribute products with sufficient stock, which has an extremely positive impact on conversion rate and revenue. 

Crwizard integrates Google Analytics data with the feed so that  D’S damat and Damat Tween only offer the most efficient products on the channels. Investing in feed quality with Crwizard dramatically improved performance, resulting in a %40 increase in ROAS and a %50 increase in CTR.

The CRwizard allows us to manage our campaigns in a quicky and precise way across different channels, thus improving our performance in all channels where we distribute our products. We saw an uptrend in sales on Google Shopping and Facebook through effective optimization of product catalogs, while saving a lot of time. - Bünyamin Yıldırım, Digital Marketing Manager


In the next step, the focus will be on adding additional attributes and data to the feed such as basket offers in order to increase brand visibility and campaign performance. 

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