How Skechers doubled conversion rate

Skechers doubled conversion rate by increasing feed quality and segmenting products according to variant availability.

How Skechers doubled conversion rate

About Skechers 

Skechers, which is the market leader in casual wear and children's categories in the USA, is also the second-largest brand in the USA in the sports shoe category. The brand, which met with consumers in 1992, has become a worldwide shoe phenomenon with its products combining functionality and design. Skechers, one of the biggest brands in the world in the global sense, provides service with over 1000 stores in more than 190 countries.

The Challenge 

Skechers as a well-known brand is using various platforms like Google, Facebook, and Criteo. In order to meet strict requirements of Google, the brand needs to put a lot of effort on product data feed. Preparing and managing feeds was extremely time consuming for both the marketing and IT team. 

Skechers also has goals about launching new platforms rapidly and boosts its visibility. They needed fast and efficient implementation. 

Since Skechers is mainly a footwear company, one of the crucial information about their products is size information. When most of the top selling sizes of a product are sold out, it's not efficient to display these products on ads. To solve this inefficiency and other problems, Skechers decided to work with crwizard as product feed management partner.

The Action

To increase the quality of feeds, automated rules and management of its inventory data have been applied. With crwizard, Skechers has quickly created new feeds for new channels. 

Variant Availability Rate (Custom Labels)

  • To segment products, have more control over bidding strategy and filter out some products from some channels, we used custom labels. As a result the brand gained better ads performance and flexibility at the same time.
  • To keep up with the change in stock information and determine if only one size or 2 sizes of unpopular size options are left, the variant availability rate has been easily calculated by crwizard tool. Having this rate creates the opportunity of filtering products if they are under this specific rate and as a result conversion rates increased drastically. 

Increasing Feed Quality 

  • Exceeding character limits, descriptions in all capital letters, having HTML text in description are some of the causes of product disapproval on Google and Facebook in Skechers case. They're solved by crwizard rules.
  • We added additional fields such as gender and age group fields so the items are targeted towards. 
  • We also added shipping information because shipping cost is one of the most common reasons why shoppers abandon a product.
  • Titles didn’t include any additional information so titles are enriched with key product information. 

With these improvements, product feed data meets the highest quality standards. If there are any problems with the data flow in the feeds, the team receives instant notifications. 

The Result 

Skechers marketing team no longer has to worry about advertising insufficient stocked products or inaccurate information, thanks to rules we have applied on crwizard tool. The increase in feed quality and accuracy has resulted in a 21% uplift in CTR,  a 45% increase in ROAS and a 106% boost in conversion rate on Google shopping.

Thanks to all valuable actions on product data feed applied by crwizard, campaign management is now much more flexible and relevant. We are improving our traffic acquisition and increasing revenue by sending only the most efficient products to marketing platforms. – Meltem Çırak, Digital Marketing Manager


In the next step, the improvements will be focusing on Google Analytics integration. After setting rules and filters using Google Analytics metrics, the brand can distribute only the desired products. Another focus area is going to be creating affiliate marketing feeds.

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