How Carrefour doubled remarketing ROAS

The ROAS of remarketing channels has increased by 100% in two months with Google Analytics segmentation.

How Carrefour doubled remarketing ROAS

About Carrefour 

CarrefourSA, a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding and Carrefour Group, has been operating as the leading brand in the organized food retail industry in Turkey since 1996.

With the transfer of management to Sabancı Holding in 2013, a new strategy began to be followed in the organized retail sector in Turkey. In 2014, CarrefourSA made investments in many areas such as human resources, technological infrastructure, and market concept, saying "Ne lazımsa" on behalf of its customers.

Fun fact -> CarrefourSA is the first supermarket that has been opened in Turkey, in 1993.

The Challenge 

CarrefourSA as a food retail company needs to optimize its products and ads so quickly to cooperate with local laws and regulations. As a brand that has a huge range of products, the need for different platforms is increased. Because of various requirements of platforms, the workload on digital marketing and the IT team became frustrating. This workload eventually turned out to be a time-wasting process.

The Action 

After analyzing the quality of the feed, missing areas such as Google Product category, gender, and age group have been filled quickly. Next, rules have been applied to boost campaign performance. 

1- Improvisation with Google Analytics.               

  • Rules have been created with the insights of Google Analytics report which is automatically created at CRwizard platform.

2- Customized processes for different platforms 

  • Creating “ads_labels” for dynamic remarketing campaigns 
  • Adding attributes like day of delivery, ship price for price comparison platforms 

3- Specialized rules for exclusive occasions 

  • Fast changes for the need of local laws and regulations. According to the new law, the product labels will include both the presale and the discounted price, and the discount will be made over the lowest value of the last 30 days. We found a quick solution by sending only discounted price fields until the brand arranges the discount rates.   

4- Product segmentation for remarketing channels

  • Excluding particular products according to stock level and performance 
  • Custom labeling is executed to reach specified customers with budget optimized filters

The Result 

By doing the right adjustments at the right time, the success of CarrefourSA became continuous. The ROAS of remarketing channels has increased by 100% in two months with segmentation with Google Analytics. By refining the low-performance products on different channels, we boosted ROAS by three units. Import and export times were significantly decreased, and adding additional feeds became a simple and seamless operation. With the effects of great results, the collaboration between CarrefourSA and Crwizard is continuing with great satisfaction.

With Crwizard, with whom we have been working with great pleasure for a long time, we, as the digital marketing department, can easily and quickly make the necessary adjustments to all our feeds without the need for software support. We are able to rapidly increase our performance in the channels by customizing our feeds on Google, Facebook, Criteo, RTB House, Cimri, and Akakçe. In addition to that, we get a very fast response when we ask for support on important issues. - Mertcan Tanrıverdi, Digital Performance Marketing Specialist


The partnership will focus on developing Facebook feeds and optimizing ad performance. Additionally, feeds that will be used in various marketplaces that require distinct feed patterns will be effortlessly produced with Crwizard. 

In the long run, inventory data will be added as an additional data source.  Various enhancements will be carried out at this step, depending on the quantity of stock and availability percentage. 

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