How Jack & Jones increased its ROAS by 25%

By optimizing the content of product data, categorizing the products, and adding some safety rules, Jack Jones increased their ROAS by 25%, and increased CR by 16%

How Jack & Jones increased its ROAS by 25%

About Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones was founded as a jeanswear brand in Denmark in 1990. From small beginnings, the brand has evolved and is now the largest business unit in the Bestseller A/S group. Jeans and jeanswear are the core business of the Jack & Jones brand, however, the product portfolio also covers tailoring, urban sportswear, footwear, and accessories.

Fun fact -> there is an American singer Jack Jones - who has no relation to the brand.

The Challenge

One of the key digital marketing activities for Jack Jones is the product listing ads, such as Google Shopping, Facebook dynamic product ads, Criteo and RTB House. Jack Jones was using the same XML product feed for Google Shopping and Facebook. They were optimizing their listing ads by using rules inside the ads platform - i)changing the content of their product data, and ii) filtering out some of their products based on brand, category. However, the results may seem promising - hit their targets - Jack Jones team was facing many challenges during the process.

  • making optimization in the feed was not a prioritization for the IT team - continuous effort vs value in total company
  • creating error-free data flow into ad channels was not possible without dedicated IT resources
  • it was not possible to add most of the desired rules in the ads platforms to change the content or filter out the products they want
  • some products were bleeding money with no conversion

The action

Jack Jones increased the speed of the strategy to execution drastically. By using the CRwizard product, it started taking <2min to create a new feed, and <1 min to test a new model in their product listing. We created the perfect harmony with CRwizard product feed optimization know-how & Jack Jones industry knowledge.

  • automatically filter-out money bleeding products based on Google Analytics performance data once every hour
  • optimize and differentiate product feeds by using CRwizard rules - e.g. creating and updating page feed for Google DSA (dynamic search ads), creating segmentation based on the profitability of the product groups and discount levels of products
  • eliminate wasted budget by adding safety rules and notifications - e.g. don’t update, if there is >40% change in the product data

The result

By optimizing the content of product data, categorizing the products, and adding some safety rules, Jack Jones increased their ROAS by 25%, increased their CR by 16%, and reduced CPC by 5%. Additionally, they started to give ads on different platforms in a very short period of time & accelerate their experiments in the field - TTM (time to market) < 1 min.

In addition to increasing our ROAS values by 25% in a month, the CRwizard platform and expertise have proven to be very beneficial, with promising results. We are looking forward to working with CRwizard in the long run and appreciating the team’s hard work and support. - Birkan Kıran, E-Commerce Operation Team Leader at Jack & Jones


The team will be focusing on filtering out products that have low stock level & low size availability rates to continue increasing total profitability.

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